Sunday, August 24, 2008

Chic-E Beauty Reviews

Many of us have that girly girl in us that loves splurging on expensive beauty/make-up products. However, most of us also have that cheap ass inside of us that just wants that $4 mascara to do the trick. We've all been burned by drug store beauty products, but there are also some great ones out there that save us from dropping mad Benjamin's on our hotness. This is why I've decided to periodically do a Chic-E (get it..cheeky) Beauty Review. This will mostly include drug store buys, but also occasionally some pricier finds. Sure, I get screwed because I'm the one spending the doe, but at least you can learn from my mistakes, and gain from my experience. I'm starting this series with a bit of a dud. Here's the deal...

Rimmel's Flash Volume Mousse Mascara
Pros: It doesn't have clumping tendencies, and it does give your lashes "flash" volume
Cons: Within hours I had little specks of black mascara dust on my cheeks. I'm able to avert this if I put on a second coat with a more reliable mascara.
Verdict: It gets the job done, but I would definitely not buy it specks?? Who has time for that?

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