Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fall Fashion 2008: 5 Easy Ways to Make your Man Stylish this Fall

To be perfectly honest, I pay little to zero attention to men's fashion trends. As many of us already know, men(cough...straight men..cough) are relatively clueless about fashion. Yeah, they can probably put together your basic boring business shirt, tie, and pants, but they often keep the same style for decades. Can you imagine if you still wore that hypercolor shirt from 1989?

So what in the world is hot for menswear this fall? I was presented with this challenge when my husband, King of casual dress, recently started a new job that that requires him to wear a shirt and tie, almost everyday. Here are my favorite 5 runway inspired ideas, that your dude can adapt to his everyday repertoire.

1. Dark Colors - a palate reminiscent of the 50's, dark colors such as blacks, grays, browns, and mossy greens.

2. Accent Colors - amongst the dark palate, you can add in a dash of color with burnt oranges and deep reds. Gray and black look especially stunning with an orange scarf or tie.

3. Skinny Ties - originally for formal use only, this is my favorite fall male accessory. Black trim ties are especially popular, but really any contrasting color would look fantastic.

4. Chunky Knit Sweaters - Probably not wearable in Houston until February, but still ruggedly handsome.

5. Black Leather - also pulling from the 'Rebel Without a Cause' era, black leather in the form of jackets, vests, and pants are popping up all over. Warning: It takes a special man to pull off leather pants. Know when you are not that man.

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