Friday, September 5, 2008

Rebecca & Drew: Mind the Gape

The classic button down shirt. One of the most common staples for any professional woman. So why is it so difficult to find one that fits? Button holes that gape open for the world to see, pulling across the back...ugg. How can you look professional when everyone around you is getting a peep show of your goodies?

After women have faced this problem for centuries, New York based
Rebecca & Drew, found a solution. They invented the TrioFit system, based on the measurements of a woman's chest circumference, bra cup size, and torso height. Thus giving you a pretty-close-to-custom fit. Lucky for us Houstonians, a new Rebecca & Drew just opened up right in our own back yard.

At this new River Oaks location, Rebecca & Drew carries a fine line of cardigans, pants, skirts, and other accessories. The pieces have a sharp yet feminine vibe. Very country club sporty, meets tea time with the ladies. As an added bonus, they are also offering the versatile jewelry of Houston designer Elissa Laviage. To make an appointment call 713.826.9031, and let them spoil you with champagne and wine as you browse.

2015 D West Gray
River Oaks Shopping Center
Mon-Sat 10 am to 6p.m

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