Sunday, December 14, 2008

Crap-Free Christmas

"He recycled this gift! He's a regifter!" -Elaine Benes

As you conquer your Christmas list, give your favorite people gifts that won't be just another piece of crap laying around cluttering up their home (the aramotherapy alarm clock zen rock fountain seemed like a great gift at the time...). Here are some of my favorite crap-free ideas:

Yummy "of-the-month" clubs - Fruit of the month, Wine of the month, beer, cheese, ham, farm animals...whatever makes the receiver happy.

Gift wrap an experience - instead buying the newest high price electronic item, put that money toward a getaway vacation. That new iMac will be obsolete in a few years, but those vacation memories will never die.

Give the gift of culture - tickets to a movie, theatre, art gallery, opera, museum OR any sporting event

Consumable Gift Certificates - Dinner date for 2, Starbucks, Smoothie Shops, or favorite restaurants...not to be confused with actually eating the certificate.

Adopt an animal from the Houston Zoo or a beautiful Florida Manatee

Donate to a charity that the receiver is passionate about

Monthly Bill Relief - if they are a really good friend, take on one of their annoying monthly bills, or give them a monthly luxury (lawn moving services, housekeeping, babysitting, gas, dry-cleaning, car wash, gym membership, or grocery gift cards)

Cyperspace - gift card to iTunes, Netflix, or an online magazine

Spa Treatments - massage, facial, mani/pedi. ATTENTION ALL MEN: you can never go wrong with this one.

Invest - Savings Bonds, stocks, etc.

Hire a professional organizer...ya help them get rid of the crap they get from other people


Dallas Shaw said...

great photo! and great spa idea :) I'll forward this one to hache

JEN said...

Great picture. I'm going to have to try that when I get home.

Where can I sign up for the Farm Animal of the month club?