Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Everything I (should) Know About Being a Hostess, I (could have easily) Learned From my Mom

No matter when I visit my parent's home in Maryland, it always feels like I'm on a weekend getaway at a resort, or a cozy bed and breakfast. I realized this past Thanksgiving, that flying home gives me the warm fuzzies because of my Mother's impeccable skills as a hostess. So this past visit, I took notes. Here are 8 ways my Mom (and Dad too) taught me to be a hostess with the mostess to overnight guests any time of year.

1. Fresh flowers on their bedside table - beautiful, simple, and because they have to be purchased or picked recently, they show your guest how important they are to you.

2. Lots of healthy snacks that the guests can help themselves to without asking. Mom always has this amazing black bean salsa, cheese and crackers, and a variety of veggies in the fridge.

3. Workout facility - This is a major luxury, but a simple treadmill or directions to the nearest park will do. My husband's Texan blood can't handle running outside in weather below 70 degrees, so my parents treadmill is much appreciated.

4. An assortment of spa worthy toiletries in the guest's water closet make them feel especially pampered.

5. Provide bulky necessities - It's super helpful to have items such as a hair dryer, flat iron, bathrobe or a fresh pair of slippers that may be too awkward to pack. Just be sure to give your guest the heads up several days before their visit.

6. Guest room entertainment - Magazines, catalogs, popular novels, TV, anything that gives them private entertainment. It also gives them unspoken permission to enjoy some alone time on their vacation.

7. An assortment of breakfast choices - one morning we woke up to the options of Dad's amazing egg muffins, fruit, Cinnabons, blue berry muffins, and cereal. Though my Mom always has a ridiculous amount of food, a couple of low-maintenance choices are helpful for your guest.

8. Small gift or sentiment in their room - My mom often leaves newspaper clippings that she knows might interest me, a box of chocolates, or favors from a recent wedding or baby shower that I might have missed. An ex-boyfriend's Mom once left a bath and body set on my bed presented on a silver platter. I felt so special!

What are some of the fantastic ways that you pamper your guests?

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Stace said...

When it is cold outside, I like to put an electric blanket or heated mattress on the guest bed. Soo cozy.