Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Michelle Obama Inaugural Dress for LESS

Loving the First Lady's white Jason Wu one-shoulder gown! Did you love it or hate it? Leave your comment below.

These are the closest copy cats I've found so far (I know, they aren't quite the same) from Chadwicks and edressme.com. I'll post more as I find them!

Spiegel just sent out an email of Michelle's look for less. Here are some of their highlights.


Anonymous said...

Pure, simple. LOVED IT!

Anonymous said...

I really liked it. Not too over the top, not too understated.

Anonymous said...

A little bit understated, but I think it was appropriate for the night.

Anonymous said...

To be honest, and maybe it looked better in person (how could it not), but I thought it made her look like an ill fitted mummy. Horrible, horrible choice.

It had no shape to it whatsoever and those loose tassels or flowers or whatever looked like the fabric was unraveling.

It could be a maternity dress.

Anonymous said...

I was expecting a jewel tone dress and was surprised to see her in white. I thought it was feminine and graceful though, and I liked it.

Lillie said...

I am a big fan of Michelle Obama.!! That one shoulder dress is my favorite.