Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Unconditional Love

How do you say I love you to the one who is always there for you, listens to you, cheers you up, and licks your feet? Here are some ideas from Joy Butler on how to tell your furry friends that you love them.

  • Spa treatment-grooming, mani/pedi
  • New bed
  • New food dish
  • Treats..of course
  • Jewelry-collar charms
  • Car ride which ends with a dog park or trip to the pet store
  • Home massage to soft, soothing music (my personal favorite)
  • New outfit/accessory - We can't stop gushing over this cerise pink In Bloom Puppy Neck Warmer by Mulberry Street (pictured above). Talk about having the the hottest dog in Buffalo Bayou Park!


Dallas Shaw said...

i'm taking the boy to carousel park for a day of "wearing out"


- Janine Godwin, Certified Professional Organizer® said...


I love my dogs, but all the suggested in your post I will do for myself first...

Houston's Weekly Chic said...

Touché! Janine if you need some pampering, I will take you on a car ride to the dog park, and I'll even buy you a new food dish on the way home.

- Janine Godwin, Certified Professional Organizer® said...

Sounds better than my typical day at the office - it's a date!