Monday, March 30, 2009

Do the Cha Cha!

Who was the 22nd president? Why do shrimp turn red when you cook them? What color undies am I wearing?

Gotta question? Cha Cha has your answer. They are a free text messaging service that answers questions about EVERYTHING under the sun. I apologize in advance, because you will be addicted to this for the rest of the day. Just text your question to 242242 (chacha spelled out)

Here are some of the questions I sent them for funzies:

What's the most popular bar in Houston? 6th Street Bar and Grill
What's the best Mexican restaurant in Houston? Teala's and Pico's Mex-Mex
Will Christian Bale and I get married in the future? When the chemistry is good, the love is solid and you are both ready for it, then yes you'll get married. (Wow who needs a therapist when you have these guys?)
Is Houston a good place to live? Houston has a thriving job market, but lots of it has to do with personal taste. (They are located in Indiana, what do they know?)
How many of you people work at Cha Cha? 60 employees and thousands of Guides are behind the 50 million answers we've given.
What color undies am I wearing? Polka dotted pink with purple favorite (oh how witty you are Cha Cha!)

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Oooh this is trouble!