Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Magic Ottoman

So a friend of mine contacted me a couple of weeks ago with a storage dilemma. She and her husband have papers to file, and they didn't want to buy an ugly filing cabinet, or just some old file box. She wanted a truly "hidden" filing solution. So this is what we found. A basic storage ottoman, with hanging file capacity. Yes! Genius!

So that got me thinking. What other kinds of magical ottomans exist? How about one with an instant side table... (click on the photos for sources)

Or one that hides those shoes you like to keep by the door

My personal favorite! This one hides away your Rock Band instruments when your kids ::cough:: or you ::cough:: aren't using them. Why didn't I think of this?
Or..a smarter take on your run-of-the-mill ottoman: One that is actually sectioned off so you can stay organized within the ottoman.


Michelle said...

where is that magical ottoman from?!

Houston's Weekly Chic said...

Hey Michelle! If you mean the one with the hanging files, it is from Ballard Designs. Click on the photo and it will take you to the website. Thanks for stopping by!

Sr said...

This looks like a possible use for old cedar chests. I'm told that some older folks with cedar chests have difficulty disposing of them 'cause their kids don't want them.