Thursday, July 23, 2009

Punch Out

Sometimes Houston flavor pops up in the most unexpected of places. While walking around the adorable and arsty town of Eugene Oregon, I wandered into Modern -the most fantastic collection of modern furnishings, decor, and gifts that I have ever laid eyes on!

What should I find peeking out from a little glass case? The revolutionary pop out jewelry by Houston designer Melissa Borrell ! If you've never see it before, her work is WAY cool.
The pieces are made from stainless steel, which you receive attached to the rest of the sheet metal, and you literally “pop” the piece out and lace it on the included chain. The result is like wearing your own piece of modern art around your neck (or lobes). I have been dying to own one of her pieces for a while now (My birthday is in two months...I'm just sayin'). To find a store near you that carries Melissa Borrell click here.


Sarah said...

Wow! What interesting pieces! Lovely.

Zingo Tots said...

Cool jewelry! I absolutely LOVE Eugene,OR! I hope you had a blast while there!