Monday, September 7, 2009

Seedy State

When September hits, I always start brainstorming about holiday gifts. Is it because I'm so super efficient that I plan everything 4 months ahead of time? No, of course not! I just really like to shop, and the holidays are a stellar excuse to start looking!! I always find the hardest gifts to be the little ones. It's easy when your brother wants a new iPod, or Dad needs a new camera. It's the smaller, under $10 items you might need for co-workers, clients, and casual acquaintances that are sometimes impossible. Embracing my newer Texan roots, I think these birdseed gifts from Nature Favors are just perfect. Though they are designed as wedding favors, at $20/dozen they are an eco-friendly, clutter-free, just plain darling gift for any occasion. Or even placed on the top of a beautifully wrapped cute. See more birdie treat styles here.

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