Thursday, January 7, 2010

Atelier Minyon

Last month, I had a really cool experience that I absolutely have to share. I received an email from Erin O'Sullivan, an adorable friend in New York who works for an out-of- this-world jewelry company called Atelier Minyon. Although the company was originally founded in 1970 by two Turkish families, they've just this past year opened their first U.S. location in Soho (In fact, they just celebrated their 1st anniversary a couple of weeks ago - Congrats guys!). Erin was flying into Houston the next day, and asked if I'd like to come play dress up with some of their jewelry collections. Twist my arm.

First of all, every piece is custom crafted by hand, making them all unique one-of-a-kind masterpieces. Erin only had a fraction of the collections with her, but I noticed something immediately: Toto, we aren't in Kansas anymore. This was not your typical jewelry company. There are different collections for all tastes and styles. They run the gamut from wild, extravagant and exotic, to dark and gothic, and landing softly in delicate and understated. I have never seen designs like this in my entire life.

Of course I had some favorites in the crowd. I fell in love with the wedding bracelets in the Duvak collection (left) that are hand-woven with 22k gold. I also loved the brilliant colors of the Tudor Rose Collection (seen at top of page), and the Truva rings (seen below).

I could really fill this entire blog with jewelry photographs, but instead, over the next month I will sneak in Atelier Minyon pieces that I love here and there. Can't wait? You can find all of their collections here.

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mmd said...

Wow! Amazing jewelry. Something for everyone.