Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Roadshow Blondes

Are you watching them yet? They are Jayme Lamm and Aimee Woodall, two of my favorite Houston philanthropic fabulousities. The Roadshow Blondes.

Where are they headed? On a road trip from H-town to NYC on a wacky adventure all in the name of suicide prevention. Besides singing girly songs in the car at the top of their lungs, these fine ladies are on a mission: putting their dignity on the line in order to raise money for the JED foundation . They are stopping in towns large and small, and doing just about anything you want in return for a JED donation. For example, Aimee (the vegetarian) will eat meat if you donate 1500, Jayme will skydive for $500, they'll spend the night at Walmart for $300...or whatever creative suggestions you have for them (I'm thinking of something involving snakes and scorpions).

Don't have 1500 to make Aimee sick? How about $5? That's all they need to reach their goal. Support these ladies in their road trip for JED by donating $5 here.

They are looking for connections everywhere they go, so contact them if you can help. Here is the remainder of their schedule below:

Tuesday, April 6 Wheeling Wv., New Stanton, Pa. (OVERNIGHT)
Wednesday, April 7 Breezewood , Pa. (which reminds me of holidays past, and my brother wanting to eat at Arthur Treachers), Chambersburg , Pa., Gettysburg , Pa. (OVERNIGHT)
Thursday, April 8 semi free day in Gettysburg, Pa. or surrounding city, then to Reading, Pa., Allentown, Pa. (thinking of visiting Penn State), arrive in NYC
Friday, April 9 NYC (OVERNIGHT)
Saturday, April 10 NYC (depart back to Houston at 8pm)

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Zhanna said...

I really Dream about watching this show!!!

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