Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Poppy Chic Designs

Nothing hides your alcoholism over the holidays quite like this sweet little holiday stainless steel flask by Poppy Chic Designs. Need something just like it to carry year round? Designer Taryn Sisco has a plethroa of retro chic for gal and guys alike. Fantastic holiday gifts, wouldn't you agree?
Poppy Chic Designs


Anonymous said...

that is so nice!!
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VedetteTX said...

Thanks for pointing out this adorable shop! I just took care of my sister's xmas gift with a matching set for the two of us. Going to give it to her early so we can better survive the family this holiday. :)

Houston's Weekly Chic said...

You are so very welcome!! Aren't they adorable! They are definitely a necessity for surviving every family holiday:)