Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Life + Dog After Party??

Most people don't realize this, but after the Life + Dog launch wrapped up last week, the party didn't stop! Thanks to swag bags from Natural Pawz, there was quite the furry after party bash! Lets see how it went shall we?

Gus catching up on some correspondence with stationary from Puppy Paw Press.

Then the main course.

And for dessert....

....delicious ginger bread cookies...YUMM.

Thanks Natural Pawz & Life+Dog!


Anonymous said...

That bag was AMAZING!!!!! Bambo and Sici went INSANE over all the fabulous treats. Thanks Life + Dog!!!

Classy and Fabulous

G-PA said...

So, the big guy went off his diet for a while?

Houston's Weekly Chic said...

Monica- Yes my pups also went crazy. They especially loved the cookies:)

Gpa-Everybody gets a cheat day