Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Incredible Eggling

Don’t have a backyard? Not enough room for big plants in your place? Not to worry, I’ve found some adorable tiny potholders anyone can use. They are incredibly simple to use, so if you typically kill your plants, try these out. With seeds already embedded into the peat mixture, all you have to do is crack the top of the egg, water them and place in a bright spot. These cute little Egglings contain plants that grow up to five months, after which they can be placed directly into soil. Choose from 10 different Egglings ranging from Lavender, Wild Strawberry to Spicy Red Pepper!

At $9.95 each, I know you’ll want to get crackin’. Ok, yeah that was cheesy, but seriously, they make great gifts and for a pretty windowsill decoration.

Click here to buy yours!

*Contributed by Merritt Beck of Manolos and Martinis

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classnfab said...

This is too cute! In 2nd grade we had a science project where we had to grow plants inside an egg shell lol