Monday, June 27, 2011


Oh happy Monday! Oh happy joyous Monday! Chic friends, what a weekend I had. On Saturday afternoon I received a call on the tele from a friend of mine (okay, it was actually a text), with words I've been waiting decades to hear, "I have an extra ticket to the New Kids/Backstreet Boys concert tonight..oh and it might include backstage passes."

GULP. I had no idea that NKOTB was even in Htown, but I would have canceled a date with the Pope to go to this concert (don't judge me:). In a matter of minutes, I unearthed 2 "vintage" NKOTB t-shirts (which everyone seems to find hysterical and ironic due to my organizing background), threw on my jelly bracelets, a pair of wedges, and I was ready to hit the town.

The concert was wonderful and bizarre at the same time. If you can picture a snapshot of a New Kids concert in the 90's, made the parent's vanish, and then time warped everyone 20ish years into the future, that's what this scene looked like. Looking through the crowd, the 11 year old girls inside of us all weren't just shining through, they were clawing and screaming to get out and sing along. It was quite surreal, but sooo, sooo much fun.

My date to the concert wrote up the show on Culture Map, so for a more thorough account of our experience, you can read it here.

Though my t-shirt is pretty rad, I think the sequined denim vest takes the cake don't you?

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