Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Airing out the dirty laundry

I'm a little tired of my laundry room looking sooo...well...like a laundry room. Which is why I was pleased as punch to come across this wash room inspiration from Inspiration for Decoration.

Easy peasy changes to chic up your wash room:

1. Paint - Possibly Hawthorne Yellow by Benjamin Moore or Shore from Restoration Hardware

2. Add Art - Framing some photos in a fun frame is a simple way to decorate in a room that is often ignored. Perhaps this photo for a rustic feel, or this one for a more refined space.

3. Replace boring builder light fixtures with a small, fun chandelier. Perhaps this one at High Fashion Home.

4. Window Treatments - doesn't have to be anything fancy shmancy. A simple, tailored valance will instantly soften a cold room.


Beachbrights said...

Love the inspiration! After this bathroom remodel...the laundry room is next. I am so hanging a chandy in the laundry room!! XOXO

Houston's Weekly Chic said...

Oooh definitely take pictures and share them with us!:)