Thursday, August 25, 2011

Need an extra hand?

It's super duper rare that Très Chic offers sales on organizing services, so be sure to take advantage of the back to school blow out!

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Amy said...

This is incredibly tempting. However, you might die upon entering our house. The children have taken over. We've stopped replacing things & anything with any value is out of their reach. Our house is tiny. Closets are a wreck. Mom's at a loss. It's not like an episode of Hoarders or anything, it's just... blah. :( Sound like a job you could stomach?

Houston's Weekly Chic said...

Not death!:) Of course, sounds like what I do all the time! And by the way, a destructive dachshund and clumsy husband can also do quite a bit of damage to your valuables:) heehee.