Friday, September 30, 2011

Furry Friday Feature: Skipper

(snuggling with my foster siblings)
It's Furry Friday once again! Spreading the word to get some of our homeless Houston furry babies placed in homes. Every week we feature somebody new that would love to be part of your family. This week meet Skipper!

Why don't we let Skipper tell us his story?

Hi there! Skipper here - just checking in to tell you how well I'm doing in my foster home. I was a bit unsure at first and it took me a little while to get settled, but now I'm eating and playing like a champ! I'm still a bit thin so my foster Mom and Dad are trying to help me gain some weight - I'm eating up all the yummy food and treats that they're giving me, but I've discovered that my favorite thing in the whole world is chicken! Did someone say CHICKEN?! My foster Mom calls me the Skippergator, because I get so excited when I get to eat chicken that sometimes I forget that I know how to eat treats s...l...o...w...l...y.

I'm learning things really quickly, and now I sit for my dinner, and I come when you call my name. I've started to play with my foster brother and sisters and I love running full speed in the yard with them - you know what? I'm FAST!! I make my foster Mom laugh when I run across the yard with my big ears flapping - she says that my forever family should enter me in the Wild West Weinerfest Weiner Dog races. I'm not sure what that is, but it sounds like fun!

I didn't really like my crate to start with, but I sleep there all night with my 2 baby foster sisters now, and I don't make a single sound. If you'd let me though, I'd much rather sleep in the big bed with you. As soon as my foster Mom puts me on the bed, I dive under the sheets and curl up by her feet - It's my job to keep her safe, you see. I just love cuddles, and I have to sit on your lap if you sit doesn't matter where you're sitting. I know it's my job to sit with you, so I'll stare into your eyes and ask very nicely to be picked up. Did I mention my eyes already? My foster Mom says they're beautiful - each eye is half blue and half brown - she says it makes me extra special. I'm also doing very well with my potty business - I had a few accidents inside, but I'm really getting the hang of it now.

Well, I think that's all for now - this is the Skipper signing off. Must get back to protecting my foster Mom by sitting on her lap.

The early bird catches the worm. If you see a puppy that would be a good fit for you home, be sure to get your application in asap, as they are on a first come first serve basis. Not ready to adopt? The Dachshund Rescue of Houston always needs fosters:)

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