Monday, April 2, 2012

Betty Audish Handbags

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting the ridiculously talented Houston exotic handbag designer Betty Audish. Over a delish lunch at 51fifteen, I was drooling over candy colored bag after bag that she displayed on our itty bitty cafe table. Sure, the lunch was drool-worthy as well, but the quality, design, and style of these bags knocked my socks off. Throughout our lunch date, the handbags caught the eye of several other "ladies who lunch" in the restaurant who stopped by on there way out to ask "where in the world did you buy these gorgeous bags?" Seriously, these bags are just that stunning.

So what makes Betty Audish any different than your average handbag designer? Ladies and gents, these are the real deal. If you are looking for sumptuous exotic leathers in python, crocodile, lizard, stingray, eel, but with a high fashion edge..look no further. Unlike many exotic leather bag designers that seem to have a utilitarian feel, Betty's bags scream runway style.

Want to get your paws on one of these gorgeous bags and see for yourself? You can shop online at OR for you Htown locals, take a little trip over to Paula Fridkin Designs and Sassy Designs.

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