Thursday, May 17, 2012

Blondes vs. Brunettes Tackles Alzheimers May 19th


More than 500 people are expected to participate in the 7th Annual Blondes vs. Brunettes Powder Puff Football Game scheduled to take place This year, the first team to reach a $75k fundraising goal automatically wins the coin toss with kickoff immediately following at noon. The two teams are divided based on the age-old rivalry between blondes and brunettes, while increasing awareness of Alzheimer’s disease among a new generation. (Note: Redheads are “free agents,” permitted to play for the team of their choice.)

Blondes vs. Brunettes was established by the Alzies, a young professionals group of the Alzheimer’s Association Houston & Southeast Texas Chapter, to raise awareness and support of Alzheimer's disease in greater Houston. To date, the 2012 season has raised over $101,900. Blondes vs. Brunettes has spread to Alzheimer's Association chapters in many cities nationwide drawing fans, volunteers, supporters and media from all over the country for the big game.

Proceeds from the game support Alzheimer’s Association Houston & Southeast Texas Chapter care, support, advocacy, and research efforts.

For more information, visit or call 713-314-1313.

Whether you’re blonde or brunette – or somewhere in between – you can team up to help end Alzheimer’s!

What: Blondes vs. Brunettes is a volunteer-driven event that raises awareness and funds for the Alzheimer’s Association. Two teams of women – divided to reflect the age-old rivalry between blondes and brunettes – compete in a flag football game to help end Alzheimer’s.

When:  Saturday, May 19 

Where: Skip Lee Field, St. John's School, 2501 Claremont Lane Houston, TX 77019. 

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