Sunday, November 18, 2012


I really only have one vice. extreme one.  Coke.  Diet Coke to be specific.  Have always loved it, always will. So as you can imagine, when I was approached by Coca-Cola to play with their new Freestyle machine at the Black Walnut, I was eager to give it a go.  I will shamelessly promote Coke, especially if there's a chance they might send me free colas...or coupons (maybe? eh, eh? Oh well it was worth a shot:-)

So if you haven't visited a freestyle machine yet, each soda has a variety of different flavors you can add to give it a little extra spice via touch screen.  For example, Diet Coke offers vanilla, lime, orange, cherry, etc. Great...more ways to add to my already ingrained addiction.

So I tried both lime and vanilla (separately) in my D.C., and both were equally delish.  I know, not terribly adventurous.  Next time around, I plan to splurge on a little Sprite, perhaps with some added peach or grape.

I also found two extremely dapper gentleman putting rasberry in their Diet Coke, and they were nice enough to let me share a photo with you.

So tell me, what flavor combo might you concoct when you visit your first freestyle?

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lmallen said...

I would be doint cherry in my DC. Now I have to find one of these. :)