Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Southward Apparel

Whew!  I'm back:)  Did you notice I stepped away for a bit last week?  At the last minute I had to head to San Antonio, which seriously recharged my batteries. While enjoying my breakfast at the Bistro overlooking the river one morning, it occurred to me that you might like to see the adorable, ultra-soft Texas-chic "t" I found from Southward Apparel.  I am undeniably a t-shirt and jeans chick at heart, so I fell in love with Southward's L.A. trendy meets comfy cowgirl style.  Which isn't surprising since the company was started by two L.A. ladies who are  originally guessed it...Tejas.

Only thing missing from my own personal look:  cowboy boots.  It's wrong, it's terrible, and I'm sure I'll be persecuted for admitting this, but I don't own any (EEK!).  I've lived in Htown almost 7 years, I think it's about time my friends.  Ah well, that shall be a post for another day...

As a side note, Southward Apparel is participating in Shop Small Saturday, so head over to their website and give them some support on the 24th!  The first 10 customers receive 40% off their entire purchase, and everyone with domestic delivery gets free shipping for the entire day.  

AND if you like what you see, you'll be happy to know we'll be giving away something pretty from them soon, so be sure to check back:)  

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Southward Apparel said...

You look smokin! ;) Southward Apparel LOVES you!