Thursday, June 26, 2008

Leisa's Web

It’s still a mystery to me how anybody larger than a spider could spin a tiny, delicate, lacy web of fun, inside such a small space. Leave it to the nimble fingers of the creative, skilled, (and possibly part arachnid) Leisa McCord.

At age 8, Leisa’s Grandmother taught her to crochet using a wooden hook that she had whittled with her own two hands. Inspired by vintage lace from the 40’s and 50’s, Leisa began thinking outside the box..or inside the the case may be. All of her crochet masterpieces are carefully spun inside of sterling silver frames, with white cotton crochet thread. Though crochet seems to be an art of days gone by, Leisa has found a way to modernize the concept while also preserving it’s traditional roots. Plus, they are so unique, they are sure to draw compliments galore!

To see more of these woven wonders, Leisa's pieces can be found on Etsy and locally at Oolala Gift Shop in the Heights. Or just check out the McCord Works Homepage.