Monday, July 7, 2008

Crave Cupcakes: Crave your Cake, and Eat it Too

Memories of your first encounters with sweets can hold a magical, almost Charlie and the Chocolate Factory nostalgia. Maybe you had a grandmother who made the best apple pie your taste buds have ever laid tongue on. Maybe you have a mother who miraculously pulled a different delicious treat out of the oven daily (thanks for the chocolate addiction Mom). Whatever your story, you will no doubt feel that same giddyness in your tummy, when you enter the clean sleek wonderland of Crave Cupcakes.

The style concept of this place is perfection down to the very last minty logo detail. There's something so aesthetically pleasing about their sleek, modern stainless steel architecture, balanced out by vintage touches like perfectly displayed retro Mixmasters. They even carry the design into the ladies room, where I found antique hand mixers adorning the walls. The bakery's huge windows allow you to drool over the 20 varieties of cakes being prepared. Wondering what makes the taste of Crave Cupcakes so special? Their ingredients are no joke. They use only premium quality like American artisan butter, local Texas dairy products, the best chocolate Europe has to offer, and vanilla straight from Madagascar.
I'm pretty confident that every cupcake in this joint is delicious, but I would sell my first born child to have another one of their red velvets right now. In fact, I'd really like to finish this blog, but the red velvet has suddenly become more important. Hmmm...this has become awkward. Sorry guys...I'm headed to Crave.

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