Friday, July 11, 2008

Ecologie Bags: Totally My Bag Baby

It seems like every time we read a suggestion for "going green" in style, it requires us to plop down a crap load of money. Thank goodness for eco-friendly (and pocketbook-friendly) retailers like Ecologie Bags.

This Houston, Texas company is a woman-owned national wholesaler and retailer that makes simple, classic, yet adorable reusable shopping bags. These bad boys are made of non-woven polypropylene, which just means that they are super light, hardy, and resistant to water and dirt. They can also hold up to 35 lbs of groceries (equal to about 4 plastic bags worth), and are so much more mod than the blah bags with grocery store logos! Are you ready for the best part? Every single designer bag sells for only $3.
What's the big deal about reusable bags? Well, try this on for size. The United States plows through about 100 billion plastic bags yearly. As we know, plastic is not biodegradable, and while waiting in landfills, it gradually pollutes our soil and waterways. You may think you're safe asking for paper not plastic, but think again. According to the EPA, the manufacturing of paper bags is actually worse for the environment than plastic. So..the less bags you use, the cleaner our little planet will be. Still not sold? Check out for more information. But as for us at Houston's Weekly's in the bag.

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