Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Oh Deer...so much wrapping!

Instead of buying 20 different colors/patterns of wrapping paper this year like I normally do (with at least 30 different types of ribbon), I decided to pare down and simplify. After aimlessly wandering Michaels for 20 minutes, I bought:

  • white craft paper
  • brown craft paper
  • raffia -just plain old naturally colored raffia
Still a little bit plain for my taste, so I bought some totally adorable gift tags from Dallas and VOILA...presents that look like they came out of a magazine. My friends and family are out of luck because I'm thinking about keeping them. I don't want the gifts inside, I just want to save them to decorate my house next year.


A Punkin Card Company said...

That is the best way to do it! I love using solid color wrapping and adding my extra touch to them. For some reason, I use lots of stickers this year!

Merry Christmas from Houston!

Dallas Shaw said...

wow, gorgeous photos~ I'd love to put these up on the blog, can you send them to me? I'll link you up!


Houston's Weekly Chic said...

I will definitely email them to you. The gift tags got sooo many compliments from receivers!

Karen said...

I heart Dallas Shaw!