Friday, January 2, 2009

L+J Industrises

I am busting at the seams, because I just discovered a new, one-of-kind Houston furniture line that has me jumping for joy. L+J Industries. A couple of twin sisters named Lynne and Julia Schafer find vintage pieces, jazz them a bit, and give us striking furniture overflowing with personality. Imagine sitting on the above tuffet while putting on a pair of fancy shmancy shoes on your way to the royal ball. Ahh... heaven. Tiara and Prince Charming sold separately.


A Punkin Card Company said...

Well, the Wii is awesome but does nothing if you don't use it. I found out if you ignore it and put it in the closet, then you will actually gain weight! Oh wait, was that the Christmas sweets?

Vanessa said...

How cool is the green mirror! What a conversation piece:-)