Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dana Davis in Houston

Beauty is pain, right? Nope. Not if you are sporting a pair of Dana Davis heels. Finally a designer that creates shoes as comfortable as they are gorgeous! The Dana Davis footwear collection is a revolutionary new line that melds luxury styling with invisible comfort technology (a.k.a. won't start killing your feet an hour into your day)

Dana will be showing off her Spring/Summer 2010 Collection at an exclusive trunk show from 11-3pm on Saturday, March 20th, at Nordstrom Galleria.

In her spring line, Dana offers a new group of 115mm extra high heels, (because Houston ladies don't like to skimp on height) that are still able to maintain the invisible comfort technology on the inside. What a fashion hero. Dana you rock!!


Erika Michel said...

Those first shoes are very cute, and I can't imagine how awesome it would be to wear them for hours w/o your feet hurting!

I hope I can make it to the event,
I loooove shoes!!! :)


Houston's Weekly Chic said...

I know, aren't they adorable? I may just have to give a pair of these shoes a trial run!