Friday, March 12, 2010

How to Mix Prints

I'm "out of pocket" this week, but I've been meaning to show you this refreshing mixed print ensemble from Hello-Lucky for a while now. I'm often asked by clients for advice on how to put together "mismatched" prints, and the above is a stellar example. Many of us were taught growing up that you never mix patterns within the same outfit. It's time to totally toss that rule in the trash with pantyhose and girdles! Still stumped? Here are some of my favorite tips:

1. Stay within a coordinating color palate. Figure out which colors are dominate in each pattern. Imagine if they were solids, could you wear them together? Stick with the same color scheme, and you will be golden.

2. Match conservative traditional designs (stripes, plaids,etc.) with a slightly wilder graphic, leopard, or crafted style. I love how the graphic print above just peeks out slightly to accent the traditional plaid.

3. Choose 1 bold piece, and 1 very subdued piece that will balance the outfit.

4. Still print shy? Try adding them in gradually with accessories. Carry a floral bag while wearing a floral dress (in a different pattern of course). Pair some leopard pumps with a striped top and solid skirt. Play in your closet and have a ball!

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Anonymous said...

Love the mixed prints, but isn't the hat too big for that lady, or her head's too small!