Monday, May 23, 2011

Space Man's Space Saving Tips for Spring

Last week I had the pleasure of chatting with one of the top organizing resources in Htown, SpaceMan Home & Office! SpaceMan is the leading designer, manufacturer and installer of custom closets, home office furniture, garage cabinets, wall beds and more!

“With Easter behind us and spring officially here, it’s time to get organized,” said David Linda, president of SpaceMan Home & Office. “It is our company’s mission to make our customers’ lives easier and less hectic. It’s easy to lose track of time during the holidays, but these simple guidelines make sure our clients achieve the organized bliss they’ve always wanted.”

So how do we make more space for spring?
Spaceman shares some of his favorite tips:

  • Pick one room or area of the house to focus on initially, and then tackle each room one-by-one.

  • As you clear out the clutter, divide the content into four different groups: things you can throw away, things you can give away or sell, things that can go into storage, and things that need to be put elsewhere. Divide up your belongings now, to help make organizing less overwhelming later!

  • If you have clothes that are too small, donate them to someone who really needs them.

  • Don’t hold on to things because you think you may need them in the future. Make space and organization a priority.

  • Set reasonable goals for yourself: start by conquering a small space and design a cleaning schedule to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

  • Unless you’re using them to store those seasonal holiday decorations or bulky off-season sweaters, get rid of gimmicky storage containers. “Junk to hold your junk” items, like desk organizers, only add to the problem and continue to cause homeowners to actually be less organized-- a few pieces of essential and well-designed furniture that properly store your paperwork, clothes, pantry and garage items, etc. will do the trick.

What are the biggest mistakes we make in our closets?
According to SpaceMan, it is storing shoes on the floor under your hanging clothes. Having to climb through clothing to find shoes is inconvenient and frustrating. That's why SpaceMan recommends storing shoes vertically whenever possible. This can be done using hanging shoe organizers, or even better, built in shoe shelves by SpaceMan that go all the way up to the ceiling!

For additional information on spring cleaning solutions with SpaceMan Home & Office, visit, visit their showroom or call 713.688.8808.


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Oh great tips and thanks for sharing the link!

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Thanks Monica! SpaceMan does beautiful work!!