Friday, August 22, 2014

Chia Derm Launch

An extremely amazing local skin care line just launched called CHIA DERM+, and I am in love.  The first two products are the CHIA DERM+ Serum and the CHIA DERM+ Balm, both of which are just delightful.  They are made with chia seeds (as I'm sure you guessed) and a unique blend of other natural ingredients.

So how did CHIA DERM come about?  After first discovering the amazing benefits of chia seeds, VP, Co-Founder and local Houstonian, Kelley Walker, traveled the globe in search of areas where chia seeds are indigenous, discovering additional medicinal attributes that complement the centuries-old use of the oil. She then sought out and partnered with a highly respected and experienced formulator. They spent three years tirelessly researching and testing different formulas for skin care products featuring chia seeds as a main ingredient until they perfected it.

Co-Founder and CEO, Steven Jefferies, first discovered the miraculous health benefits of chia seeds while searching for a ‘superfood’ ingredient that would sustain him through long nights in law school and intense jujitsu training. Jefferies explained the long list of health benefits to his aunt, Kelley Walker, including large amounts of antioxidants, Omega-3 fatty acids, protein and Biotin. Walker recognized that the benefits could also be used for anti-aging, scars, hydration, healing and skin protection. “It just clicked – this little seed has it all in terms of skincare needs. The next step was creating the purest product possible,” said Ms. Walker, now Vice President and Co-Founder.

Chia seeds are everywhere, so what makes their products different? The CHIA DERM+ Serum - a ‘superfood’ for your skin - is one of the first in the world containing 100 percent pure chia seed extract (most products on the market contain trace amounts) and is packed with an abundance of valuable nutrients.)

After testing it out for several weeks, I can honestly say I saw a difference in fine lines around the eyes, and forehead.  The balm and serum are both so rich with moisture, that they stay put almost all day, and soften and smooth the skin underneath them.  I definitely give these products a BIG A+.  Here are some more specifics:

The CHIA DERM+ Serum, a ‘superfood’ for your skin, contains just one ingredient - pure chia seed extract - packed with an abundance of valuable nutrients. With high levels of anti-aging and anti-inflammation substances including Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, amino acids, minerals, vitamins and rare trace elements, the serum provides a powerful blend to help heal, protect and preserve skin against signs of aging. It is also ideal for hair care, promoting a healthy shine and creating a shield against environmental damage.

CHIA DERM+ Balm can be used on age-susceptible areas that require protection from the elements including the lips, elbows, knees, feet, hands, and cuticles, between the fingers and around the eyes. It also has healing properties when applied to irritated skin that is burnt, cut or inflamed, reducing the appearance of scarring.

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