Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Vaughan Christopher Gallery

(pictured above from the left: Andrew McNevin, Holly Vogt Wilkison, Me, and Houston Hayes)
One of my absolute favorite things from this past year, was the opening of the Vaughan Christopher Gallery. It was perfectly orchestrated by A Fare Extraordinaire down to every last electric green Warhol Cocktail (I was on Warholtini #4 in the picture above...don't judge me). The gallery was filled with dozens of seasonal white flowers, to-die-for delicious catering, and brilliant orange accents sprinkled throughout (the servers even wore skinny orange ties..so mod!). Lucky for Houston's Weekly Chic, Ginger Wright, one of the gallery owners agreed to give us a very quick Q&A. Enjoy...

Why did you choose to open a gallery in Houston, as opposed to a different city?
It is where I/we live and have established my/our lives.

What is your favorite piece that you own?
My favorite piece that the gallery owns is by Matisse, Dancers. However, my favorite art piece changes on a daily basis, so that would be today's answer!

Pick one artist that you love.
That would be impossible for me.

Pick one artist that you hate.
I do not hate any artist.

What do you enjoy doing outside of spending every last minute of your day running a gallery?
Spending time with friends and family

What would you like the average Houstonian to know about Vaughan Christoper Gallery?
We have a fabulous collection of Master works that the average person can find and afford.


Vanessa said...

I'd love to know who did the catering/part planning. Might be somebody I could use in the future.

Houston's Weekly Chic said...

Well, I didn't actually know, but strangely enough, I just got an email from Rachael at A Fare Extraordinaire. They are responsible for the amazing attention to detail. I'll also be adding their info. to the blog.